June 2005
44 Chung Ling Soo: A New Look at an Old Mystery by Jim Steinmeyer
82 In Flight with Joan Caesar by Paul Critelli
84 Jules Lenier: Working Pro by Eric Rose
10 Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
12 On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
15 Max Maven’s Monthly Inquisition
15 Martin’s Misdirection by James Burks
18 Osborne Illusions: Cleopatra Returns by Paul Osborne
22 Magicana by David Acer
22 “Call To Order” by Shoot Ogawa
24 “Marked Bill Through Coin” by Dr. Michael Rubinstein
26 “Pile of Change” by Richard Sanders
27 “Uprising” by Euan McCall Bingham
28 The Schneider Technique: ”Big and Little Magic” by Al Schneider
29 Flim-FlaMagic: ”Skull Scavenger” by Bob Farmer
36 Speaking Volumes: Jason England by David Regal
90 A Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities: 170,194 by Edwin A. Dawes
Light From the Lamp
96 Books Reviewed by Eric Mead
96 Sleight of Mind, Suggestion and Mind Control/ The Mentalist’s Toolkit by Ian Harling & Martin Nyrup
98 Edward George Brown—A Magical Life by Paul Gordon
98 Percy Naldrett, A Man of Sussex; Conjurer and Poet by Paul Gordon
99 The Final Picture (a.k.a. Sabaroset) by Rick Maue
100 Tricks Reviewed by David Oliver
100 “Ghostly Pocket Hank” by Lynetta Welch
100 “Nun None” by Michael Mode
101 “Mastermind” by Magic Dream
101 “A New World” by Dean Dill and Michael Weber
102 “The Exchange” by David Goring
103 Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner
103 Falkenstein and Willard: Masters of Mental Magic, Volumes 1-3 by Glenn Falkenstein and Frances Willard
103 Fantasy in Black, Volume 1 by Dondrake
104 The Art of Levitation, Parts 1&2 (single DVD) Losander: Magic Anytime ... Anywhere! by Losander
105 The Incomparable Finn Jon by Finn Jon
105 A Day with Salvano (Losander’s Recollection Series, Part 1) by Salvano
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