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April 2007 • Volume 70 • Number 4

66 Richard Turner: Livin’ on Jacks and Queens
by Jason England
34 The Zen of Ken by David Acer
36 Silver Fist by Ken Krenzel
39 Oily Triumph by Ken Krenzel
42 String Theory by Ken Krenzel
45 Natural Assembly by Ken Krenzel
47 Immediate Speller by Ken Krenzel
56 McBride: Magic at the Edge by Michael Close

10 Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
12 On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
15 Max Maven’s Monthly Inquisition
18 Osborne Illusions: The Poor Man’s Self Levitation
    by Paul Osborne
20 The Genii Session: Artistic Magic by Roberto Giobbi
24 The Giorgio Letters: The Last Crossroader by Tony Giorgio

Light From the Lamp
88 Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner
88 The World Renowned Magic of Paul Potassy (3-DVD set)
     by Paul Potassy
89 Between 2 Minds: Volumes 1-3
     by Guy Bavli and Haim Goldenberg
90 IllusionWorks 1-2, IllusionWorks 3-4 by Rand Woodbury
90 The Unexpected Visitor 2 by Doug Brewer
91 Books Reviewed by Eric Mead
91 The Secret Life of Houdini
    by William Kalush and Larry Sloman
93 Designing Miracles by Darwin Ortiz
95 Oracle Magazine Edited by David Goodsell and Larry White
95 Tricks Reviewed by David Oliver
95 “Ultimate Coin Purse” by Rodger Lovins
96 “Hot Knife” by Ridger Lovins
96 “Metalblast—Thoughts on Metal Bending”
    by Richard Osterlind
97 “Money Bag” by Anton Corrandin
97 “Spike” by World Magic Shop
98 “pSnype: pSychic Sniper” by Kevin Parker
99 “Edge” by Kevin Parker
104 Subscription Information/Advertisers Index

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