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September 2008 • Volume 71 • Number 9

50 Steve Cohen: The Millionaires’ Magician by Gabe Abelson
55 Red Cars and Real Magic by Mark Levy
57 Wakon Yosai: Japanese Spirit, Western Knowledge by Yukishige Kadoya
59 Parlor Magic by Jörg Alexander
66 Interview by Richard Kaufman
69 The Quarter Under Watch by Mark Sicher and Steve Cohen
18 Memorial: Lou Lancaster, 1936-2008 by Jamy Ian Swiss
22 An All Marlo Magicana by Jon Racherbaumer
22 Cozy Card To Case
23 The Princess Killer
26 Marlo’s Aces
28 Smyth Bliss
30 Leipzig Would Have Loved This!
46 Colin Rose: Magic Artisan by Matthew Field

10 Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
12 On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
13 Now Performing at The Magic Castle and in Las Vegas 14 Memoirs of a Magic Dealer by Al Cohen
15 Max Maven’s Monthly Inquisition
38 Waiting for Inspiration by Guy Hollingworth
Chapter 6: Generating Concepts for Methods
81 Top 10 Best-Selling Products

Light From the Lamp
80 Videos Reviewed by Dustin Stinett
80 The New York Coin Magic Seminar ( Volumes 5,6,7)
by Dr. Michael Rubinstein, David Roth, Mike Gallo and guests
82 How to Make Flash Paper: The Safe & Easy Way by Black’s Magic
82 Bob Does Hospitality: Act(s) 1, 2, and 3 by Bob Sheets
83 Dice Stacking by Dennis Schleussner
83 Hemispheres: Magic of the Mind and Hypervisual by Jay Sankey
84 Tricks Reviewed by David Regal
84 The Extractor by Rob Bromley and Peter Nardi
85 Enlightenment by Ben Harris
85 Twisted by Andrew Mayne
85 Branded by Tim Trono
86 Slipstream by Reed McClintock
86 Perfection by Oz Pearlman
87 ShellRaiser by Troy Hoosier
87 Lollapalooza by Brent Geris
87 WPT—Wild Poker Trick by Boris Wild
88 Trilogy by Brian Caswell
88 My Precious by Haim Goldenberg
88 Getting Stoned and Cell by David Stone
90 Books Reviewed by Jamy Ian Swiss and Dustin Stinett
90 Close Up: The Real Secrets of Magic by David Stone
91 Williard—A Life Under Canvas by David Charvet
112 Subscription Information/Advertisers Index

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