Friedrich W. Conradi

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Friedrich W. Conradi
BornFriedrich Wilhelm Conrad Hoster
January 15, 1870
Crossen-Oder, Prussia
DiedAugust 30, 1944 (age 74)
Berlin, Germany

Friedrich W. Conradi (1870-1944), also known as Conradi-Horster, was a magician, author, magic dealer and builder. He was the publisher of Der Zauberspiegel and his house organ "The Magic Mirror".


Beginning in the 1890s, Conradi began building magic props first in Dresden, then moved to Nuremberg and finally Berlin. His business was carried on after his death by Gertrud Horster. [1]


  • Der Moderne Kartenkünstler (1896)
  • Der Kartenkunstler im XX. Jahrhmidert
  • Magie fin de siecle
  • Demonstrations Mysterieuses (1905)
  • Magisches Allerlei
  • Das Neue Universutn, Band I-II-III-IV
  • Magische Phdnomene
  • Magische Jwwelen
  • Telepa-thische Unterrichtsbriefe
  • Gedankenilbertragen ohne Sprechen


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