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Harry Rouclere

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Harry Rouclere
BornHarry Rouclere Terhune
June 3, 1866
Paterson, New Jersey
DiedFebruary 3, 1942 (age 75)
Ridgewood, New Jersey
Resting placeValleau Cemetery, Ridgewood, New Jersey

Harry Rouclere ( 1866-1942) was a successful magician by himself and with the mentalism act of Rouclere and Mildred.


A young Rouclere joined a circus with a trained dog at the age of nine, became a juggler with the team of Nelsonia and Rouclere before turning to magic. With his own show he toured the country. Most of his illusions were of his own invention. After his marriage to Miss Mildred May they formed the team of Mildred and Rouclere (also called the Mildred Novelty Company), a mind reading act which they named "Mildredism". On May 22nd 1892, they produced for the first time, a new version of mind reading, called " Pschynotism". Mildred was seemingly hypnotised by Rouclere while seated on a chair on the stage. Rouclere would go among the audience and requests a member to tell him in an undertone, what he wanted her to do. Rouclere would not speak and Mildred's eyes were closed.

Harry Rouclere was one of the early members of the Society of American Magicians, holding number 196. He was also one of the first aviators and airplane owners.

Rouclere took over his father's hotel in Ridgewood when he retired and entertained many friends there. The SAM Assembly No, 25 in Paterson, N. J., and named after him while he was still alive.

Rouclere died the day after finding out about the death of his old friend Elmer Ransom.

He and his wife were elected into the Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame.


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