Ludwig Leopold Doebler

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Ludwig Leopold Doebler
BornOctober 5, 1801
Vienna, Austria
DiedApril 18, 1864 (age 62)

Ludwig Leopold Doebler (Döbler or Dobler) (1801-1864) gave up an apprenticeship in engraving to become a conjurer.[1]


By 1825, Doebler performed for Prince Metternich and Emperor Francis I of Austria. His opening effect was lighting a hundred candles with a single pistol shot. Another signature effect was the "Flora's Flower Bouquet Production", in which he produced numerous flowers from an empty hat.[2]

Doebler became so popular in Vienna that gloves, hats, and neckties were named after him, as well as the street, Doblergasse.

He toured England (1842-1844), Austria, Germany, Russia and France. Dobler retired from the stage in 1848 wanting his fans to remember him at his prime. He bought a large farm, with a handsome mansion in Austria. [3]

One of his students was Harry Marvello and a relative of J. N. Hofzinser. Doebler sparked the interest in magic of his fellow countryman Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser.

Dobler was paid the compliment of having his name copied, with the most notorious of his copiers was Smith of Bristol (William George Smith) who called himself Herr Dobler (1836-1904).


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