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  • 1766 - Excerpt from the Whitehall Evening Post: "I have peeped behind the Scenes ....and by examining the wires and mechanism of the show, the entertainment has long since ceased. Who Is any longer Entertained with a Hocus Pocus Man? when he knows how the tricks are performed?" Lady Mary Wortley Montague: Letter to Miss......." (Gleanings from an Amateur Escamateur's Scrap Book by Henry R. Evans)
  • 1886 - Percy Abbott was born in Australia.
  • 1936 - A lengthy newspaper article recounted some of the interesting things from Jasper Maskelyne's newly published book, White Magic: The Story of the Maskelynes, and reproduced a picture of Douglas Beaufort (who appeared in the Egyptian Hall in 1892) holding his own head in his hand.
  • 1947 - Doug Henning was born in the Winnipeg suburb of Fort Gary, Manitoba Canada.
  • 1977 - Herbert Nivelli dies.
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