Paul Fleming

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Paul Fleming

Cover of Genii (1966)
BornPaul Fleming Gemmill
May 30, 1889
in York County, Pennsylvania
DiedDecember 30, 1976 (age 87)
Broomall Nursing Home in Swarthmore, Pa.

Paul Fleming (1890-1976) was a professor of economics and a professional magician born in York, Pennsylvania. He was assistant to both Eugene Laurant and Karl Germain. In 1915, he took over the Germain tour and toured as "Paul Germain".[1][2]


He became a professor of economics, teaching at the University of Pennsylvania for over 40 years. Together with his brother Walker, he founded the Fleming Book Company, which published many classics books on magic. He edited The Fleming Classics in Magic series of books.[3]

Fleming wrote what some consider the best book reviews in magic, which were published in a three volume set.



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