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Professor Hoffmann
BornAngelo John Lewis
July 23, 1839
London [1]
DiedDecember 23, 1919 (age 80)
Bexhill, Sussex [2]
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Professor Louis Hoffmann (July 23, 1839 - December 23, 1919), born Angelo John Lewis in England, was a lawyer, professor and the leading writer on magic, games, amusements and puzzles of his time.


He wrote a series of articles on magic for a boy's magazine (Every Boy's Annual) that was later expanded into his book Modern Magic. The pen name, Professor Hoffman, was used because he feared that his professional prospects as a lawyer would be injured if it became known that he possessed such an intimate knowledge of the arts of deception.

He was also the author of a novel for kids entitled, Conjurer Dick (1886).

Another one is named The Haunted Hat. If someone knows when it was published...

Magic related books


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