Walking Through Ribbon

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Walking Through Ribbon is an illusion in which an assistant apparently walks through a ribbon (or rope) which is held on both ends by volunteers.
Max Holden Ad in Sphinx (March 1935)

A popular version created by U.F. Grant was premiered by Blackstone in Chicago. It was later performed by Dr. Gordon Peck.[1] Grant marketed his version in 1943.[2]


  • "Walking through a Rope" in Dunninger's Tricks - Unique (Advertised in Sphinx, November 1918) - an examined rope or chain is secured at each end to an upright post standing some feet apart. The performer retires well behind the suspended rope or chain, then advances, and, when within reach, he holds in front of the rope (or chain) a handkerchief, which however only serves to conceal the knees. The performer continues to walk forward clean through the rope or chain and when in front of it, the handkerchief is removed.


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