When Creators Collide

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When Creators Collide
AuthorRichard Sanders
PublisherBen Harris Magic
IllustratorJulie Campagna
Publication Date1987

Written with Jay Sankey & Ben Harris.

Reviewed in Genii 1988 February

Book on "The Close-Up Creations of Jay Sankey and Richard Sanders," featuring original magic with cards, cigarettes, matches, pocket change, rubber bands, bills, Play Doh, finger rings, and more. A handful of their collaborations had previously appeared in Sankey's 1986 book, Sankey Pankey (published by Kaufman and Greenberg). 88 pages, softbound.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Richard Kaufman

  • Name Your Price
  • Bound to Fool
  • Breaking the Habit
  • Making Change
  • The Switch-Places Aces
  • Twice Lit
  • Seventy-Five Percent
  • Thought Thief
  • A Change for the Better
  • Short-Changed for the Better
  • T.A.R.
  • Making Change Again
  • A Not-So-Humble Beginning
    • Ending #1: Face-Up Finale
    • Ending #2: The Rubber Room Rise
    • Ending #3: Top Card
  • Stretching the Habit
  • The Impromptu Link
  • Mr. Stickman
  • One Bill Wonder
  • Dryspell
  • Pure Delight Ring Flight
  • Collision (a dialogue between Sankey and Sanders)
  • Notes
  • Bios


Sankey performs "Switch Places Aces"

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