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All Backs

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All Backs is a classic card routine popularized by Dai Vernon in which the cards start appearing to have backs on both sides.


Edward Marlo, in The Cardician (1953), states "the effect of causing a deck of cards to change to all double-backs then later to all double-face cards was first brought to the magic-world's attention by Ralph W. Hull, when he sold his NRA Deck in 1933. Later, in Hull's the booklet, More Eye Openers (1933), he introduced the 'Magic Picture Book Deck', which was an impromptu version of the NRA deck."

In third edition of Expert Card Technique (1950), Dai Vernon introduced his impromptu all-back routine called The All Backs and declares that "Magicians know only too well that women, generally speaking, are allergic to card tricks. This trick is an exception to the rule. Mr. Vernon has used it before all kinds of audiences, even those comprised exclusively of women andwith complete success. The women are intrigued by it. It is one trick that they remember and talk about and invariably when another occasion arises it is the one trick they request to see again."

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