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== References ==
== References ==
* Linking Ring May 1982
* [[Linking Ring]] May 1982

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Charles R. Reynolds was born September 9, 1932 in Toledo. Ohio. He is an author and magic consultant

As a youth he assisted Carlo, the Toledo dealer, both in the shop and on tours. Charles studied Television and Theater at the University of Michigan, receiving his B.A. in 1954 and an M.A. in 1955.

After moving to New York City, he became an assistant cameraman at CBS. Later, he rose to Picture Editor of Popular Photography and did free lance pieces for other magazines like Time.

He was the chief magic consultant to Doug Henning on all six of his annual, one-hour, network television magic specials.

He was consultant on numerous Broadway shows:

  • Sleight of Hand (1987)
  • Doug Henning & His World of Magic (1984)
  • Merlin (1983 )
  • Blackstone! (1980)

And contributor to magic works:

Awards and Honors


  • The Art of Magic - By T. Nelson Downs, John Northern Hilliard, Charles R. Reynolds (1909)
  • Blackstone's Secrets of Magic by Blackstone, Harry, Jr., Reynolds, Charles & Reynolds, Regina (1975)
  • 100 Years of Magic Posters 1st Edition by Charles Reynolds and Regina Reynolds (1975) ISBN 1131604989
  • Houdini: His Legend and His Magic (with Doug Henning) (1977)
  • The Blackstone Book of Magic & Illusion by Charles Reynolds, Harry Blackstone, Regina Reynolds (1995)
  • Card Magic: The Blackstone Family Magic Shoppe (1997) ISBN 1590930010


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