Charles RossKam

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Charles RossKam
BornCharles A. Rosskam
circa 1901
DiedSeptember 8, 1977 (age 75)
Hollywood, Florida

Charles RossKam, a newspaper writer and editor, served as International President of the I.B.M. (1955).[1]

In 1944, he took a leave of absence from the newspaper to entertain troops with the USO in the States and the Mediterranean Theater.[2] His wife Madeleine (d. 1984), assisted him in his performances.[3]

He was long time member of SAM, served as president of the Rhode Island Assembly No. 26, and was a member of the Magic Circle of London. He was also editor of the MUM from 1941-1946.[4]

He wrote articles of new for the Genii in the 1950s.[5][6][7] He was a member of the IBM Order of Merlin for 25 years of continuous service.

A publicity photo of the RossKams can be seen on the Conjuring Arts exhibit "The Many Faces of Magic"[8]


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