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Double-faced card

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Double-faced card is a playing card with a face on each side, either by gluing two cards together or specially printed that way.

According to Bart Whaley's The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Magic, it was first described as being used by French conjurers in 1785 [1]. It was later reintroduced by Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser in the mid-1800s and then again by Henry Hardin in 1907.


  • "Many are the uses to which the double-faced cards may be put in conjuring." - Ellis Stanyon in Magic (September 1913), page 101.
  • "The use of the double-faced card in card magic is of the greatest value, always provided that its introduction and final disposal are done without arousing any suspicion on the part of the onlookers." - David Ossip in Hugard’s Magic Monthly (May 1954), page 133

Published effects

  • McDonald's Aces


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