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* April 28, 1968 [[Richiardi Jr]]  
* April 28, 1968 [[Richiardi Jr]]  
*June 2 1968 [[Norm Nielsen]]
*June 2 1968 [[Norm Nielsen]]
* January 26, 1969 [[Marvyn Roy]]
*May 11, 1969 [[Phoa Yan Tiong]]
*May 11, 1969 [[Phoa Yan Tiong]]
*May 29, 1969 [[Barri Lee]]
*May 29, 1969 [[Barri Lee]]

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The Ed Sullivan Show was an American television variety show that ran from June 20, 1948 to June 6, 1971, and was hosted by entertainment columnist Ed Sullivan. It ran on CBS every Sunday night at 8 p.m. Virtually every type of entertainment appeared on the show; opera singers, rock stars, songwriters, comedians, ballet dancers, magicians and circus acts were regularly featured. The format was essentially the same as vaudeville, and although vaudeville had died a generation earlier, Sullivan presented many ex-vaudevillians on his show.

The show was originally titled Toast of the Town, but was widely referred to as The Ed Sullivan Show for years before September 25, 1955, when that became its official name.

The show was broadcast live from CBS-TV Studio 50 in New York City, which is now named The Ed Sullivan Theater and is the home of The Late Show with David Letterman.


Magicians that appeared:

Others but need dates:


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