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Emerson and West

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Emerson and West were Arthur Emerson and Larry West.

They met in Washington D.C. in 1967 and within a year they formed "Emerson & West" presenting original ideas for sale at Magi-Fest in Columbus, Ohio. The first effect which they marketed, Color Monte (by Jim Temple, 1974) became their biggest single items, selling over 500,000 copies. [1]

Over the years Emerson & West produced over 121 magic items.[2] [3]

Emerson and West Presents

  • Add-Ix by Larry West
  • All The Nonconformists
  • Auto Suggestion by Bob Ostin
  • Camouflage
  • Clear Deception
  • Coin-Cidental
  • Coint Trap
  • Color Blind
  • Color Monte by Jim Temple
  • Color Pack by Larry West
  • Cut Throat Casino
  • Dicey
  • Dictionary Test
  • Diamond Jack ??
  • Dissected Damsel
  • Eight Ball by Larry West
  • Encased in Glass
  • Flik-Flik
  • Flipped Out! by Ed Hollins
  • Gag-bag
  • Gems by Walt Maddison
  • Ghost Deal by Martin Lewis
  • Gourmet Mouse by Larry West
  • Gypsy Curse by Peter Kane
  • Hamman Eggs by Bro. John Hamman
  • Holiday Adventure by Fred Castle
  • Insight
  • Keepsake
  • Kling Ring
  • Know-Fu-Ling
  • The Four Card (1, 2, 3, 4) Trick by Larry West
  • The One-Man-Two-Person
  • Paleface Pasteboards by Horace Bennett
  • Pegasus Page
  • Pentra-Bill
  • Peter Cane Case
  • Pocket Secret-ary
  • Rat Traps by Bob White
  • Reflections by Peter Kane
  • Round Trip by Peter Kane
  • S and S Clip Board
  • Sequence by Larry West
  • Shaggy Dog Tale
  • Signature by Tevor Lewis
  • Silver Extraction
  • Six Mix
  • Soup To Nuts by Jim Callan
  • Sympathetic Cards by Magic Ronnay
  • 'S Witch Craft by Arthur Emerson
  • The Tear-Apart Vanish
  • Tra-Fix (or Traffix) by Larry West
  • Trans Print by Bill Taylor
  • Triple-Cross
  • The (W)hole Thing by Larry West
  • The (W)hole Thing Jumbo by Larry West
  • Wild Wild West by Larry West
  • Zig-Zag Can by Carlton Bradford


  • THE MAGICIAN ON THE AMERICAN STAGE 1752-1874, by Charles J. Pecor
  • The Tell-Tale Timepiece by Arthur Emerson (booklet)
  • "Tricks You Can Count On" (book)
  • "Arthur Emerson's International Imports" a 28 page Lecture Notes used by Arthur during the one-day convention held in Blackpool, England.
  • New Surprises; A Lecture, by Art Emerson
  • Second Evening at the Magic Circle by Art Emerson


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