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Fabrice Delaure

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Fabrice Delaure

Article in Genii (2006)
BornDelaure, Fabrice
March 13, 1969
Nice, France


Fabrice Delaure is an electronic magic expert and designer-builder illusions. He has worked with most of the leading mentalist around the world, created magic effects for television, and authored chronicles, books and DVD on illusions. He served as a consultant for notable magicians including Criss Angel, Gerry McCambridge or Gary Kurtz.


Since 1995 Fabrice Delaure has kept on developing the new instruments of contemporary mentalism. In the footsteps of Christian Fechner, Claude Klingsor and Anverdi, his role models. Fabrice Delaure updated the performing art of mentalism and brought it back into fashion in the medias, particularly on television around the world.

Derren Brown, Criss Angel, Gerry McCambridge, Teller, Siegfried & Roy, Gary Kurtz, Paul Cosentino, Banachek, Ali Bongo, Michael Weber, Juan Mayoral, Dominique Duvivier, Luis de Matos, as well as dozens of celebrities have enjoyed his high-technology creations and expertness.

He literally rejuvenated this dying discipline in the middle of the 90s, developing a whole technological armory based on microelectronics, robotics and computer science. He even rethought every single technical process by integrating microprocessors, software-encoded radio-waves and computer-controlled robotic mechanisms for the first time in the history of magic. His main leitmotiv has always been innovation, professional comfort and maximal impact of the magical effects on the audience.

He often takes up the classics of mentalism, extending their physical limits to the maximum.


Videos (as director & producer)


  • Micro Reader (1996)
  • 10 Little Niggers (1996)
  • Mental Distance Divination (1997)
  • Psychic Notepad (1998)
  • Akana (2000)
  • Pocket Akana (2000)
  • 10 Little Giants (2001)
  • Psychic Notepad 2 (2001)
  • Mental Distance Divination 2 (2002)
  • Psychic Compass (2002)
  • Psychic Notepad 3 (2002)
  • Mini Akana (2002)
  • Snake RC (2002)
  • Giant Akana (2003)
  • E.M.C (2003)
  • Platinum Akana (2003)
  • Mystic Ouija Board (2004)
  • Lotto Fortuna Club (2005)
  • Psychic Clipboard (2005)
  • Balsamo's skull From Klingsor (2005)
  • Psychic Clipboard 2 (2006)
  • Black Tabletop (2006)
  • Ultimate Secret (2008)
  • Psychic Clipboard 3 (2010)
  • Psychic Miniboard (2012)
  • Psycho Magneto (2012)
  • Submonitor (2013)
  • Medium Whiteboard (2013)
  • Medium Chalkboard (2013)
  • Maxi Whiteboard (2013)
  • Maxi Chalkboard (2013)
  • Psychic Notepad 4.0 (2014)
  • Submonitor 2 (2015)
  • Micro Reader 2 (2015)