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Genii 1938 May

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Genii 1938 May
DateMay 1938
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  • Page 309: Our Cover - William Harkness (Article) by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 309: T. Page Wright Memorial (Poem) by T. Page Wright
  • Page 310: Genii Speaks (Editorial) by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 311: The Kelley Gamble-Trophy Trick (Cards) by Dr. Douglas M. Kelley
  • Page 312: Spotted Sticks (Miscellaneous props) by R.M. Jamison
  • Page 313: The Ring that Stayed at Home (Miscellaneous props) by Eddie Clever
  • Page 314: The Perfection Pull Getter-Outer (Tips)by Charles N. Smith
  • Page 314: Rapid Counting (Cards) by Orville W. Meyer
  • Page 315: Vanish in Tails (Miscellaneous Props) by William H. McCaffrey
  • Page 315: Hokum Pocus Card (Cards) by Fritz Braue
  • Page 316: Thimble Thimblerig (Patter) by T. Page Wright
  • Page 318: Thoughts are Things (Article) by Dariel Fitzkee
  • Page 319: Ellis Stanyon's Notable Explanations in Magic - Latest Precipitation of Cards (Cards)
  • Page 319: Four Color Prediction (Mentalism) by Martin Goodwin
  • Page 320: Diary of a Magician's Wife (Article) by Geraldine Conrad
  • Page 321: Paging the Ladies (Article) by Geraldine Conrad
  • Page 322: Chap's Corner (News) by Frank Chapman
  • Page 323: Bagdad (Article) by Bob Weill
  • Page 324: Max & Skully (Patter) by Max Terhune
  • Page 324: From Behind the 8 Ball (News) by Tee Hee
  • Page 324: Magic of the East (News) by Max Holden
  • Page 325: Ribbins (News) by C.T.
  • Page 325: Ramblings and Ravings (Article) by W.C. Dornfield
  • Page 326: Kanter's Komments (News) by Mitchell Kanter
  • Page 326: Smokey City Smoke (News) by Chucky Koontz
  • Page 327: Magicians on Guard (Article) by Edward Saint (Dr.)
  • Page 328; Convention News (News) by Various
  • Page 330: Selected Magic in the Fashion of Bagdad (Article) by Anonymous
  • Page 331: Woofle-Dust (Article) by Bill Taylor
  • Page 331: Scattered Shots (News) by Len O. Gunn
  • Page 332: Club Reports (News) by Various
  • Page 336: Light from the Lamp (Review) by Lloyd E. Jones