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**Torn Newspaper in Bouquet (Holden's)
**Torn Newspaper in Bouquet (Holden's)
**The Be-Deviled Egg (Abbott's)
**The Be-Deviled Egg (Abbott's)
**Impalement (Abbott's)
**[[Impalement]] (Abbott's)
**Markers (Thayer's)
**Markers (Thayer's)
**Improved Al'n Nate (Berg)
**Improved Al'n Nate (Berg)

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Genii Vol. 4, No. 1, September 1939

Cover subject: Maldo

  • Page 05: Our Cover - Maldo (Abel Maldonado) (Article) by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 05: We Hope You Are Like One of These (Mail) by Various
  • Page 05: Genii Speaks (Editorial) by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 07: The Inevitable Rabbit (Miscellaneous Props) by Jon Kirby
  • Page 08: Scattered Shots (News) by L.O. Gunn
  • Page 08: Spirit Slate Routine (Mentalism) by Vernon Cook
  • Page 09: By Touch Alone (Cards) by Harlan Tarbell
  • Page 09: The Travelling Stamps (Miscellaneous Props) by Loring Campbell
  • Page 09: Handkerchief Restored (Miscellaneous Props) by Caryl S. Fleming
  • Page 10: Nothing To Do - A Little Stunt by Hy Grober (Cards) by Paul Morris
  • Page 10: Nothing To Do - It's as Simple as Falling off a Log (Cards) by Paul Morris
  • Page 10: Ghost Tube (Miscellaneous Props) by Lloyd Chambers
  • Page 11: The L.W. Master Poker Deal (Cards) by T. Page Wright & Willian W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 11: Chicago Notes (News) by George Troseth
  • Page 11: George Barth (Obituaries) by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 12: Repeat Clippo Routine (Miscellaneous Props) by Bert Douglas
  • Page 12: Magiministers (Article) by Gordon W. Mattice (Rev.)
  • Page 13: Of Tricks and Men
    • Materialization of a Bill by E.G. Erwin (Dr.)
    • New Mental Effect (Cards) by T. Page Wright
    • Key Card (Cards) by Fritz Braue
    • Improvement on E. Ramson's The man with the Pipes (Miscellaneous Props) by Orville W. Meyer
  • Page 13: Ribbins (News) by C.T.
  • Page 14: Genii Juniors
    • A Page for Junior Magicians (Editorial) by Billy Larsen, Jr.
    • Junior Guild Show Success (Show review) by Spencer Crilly
    • Book Test (Mentalism) by Spencer Crilly
    • Marvin Levy Wins Trophy (News) by Spencer Crilly
    • A Clever Card Effect (Cards) by Marvin A. Levy
    • Wrinkles - Tip for Torn & Restored Paper (Article) by Spencer Crilly
  • Page 15: Silk Secrets - Creating a Silk Act (Article) by Harold Rice
  • Page 15: Hoffman Centennial - Tribute to Greatest Writer (News) by Anonymous
  • Page 16: From Wisconsin (News) by Walter the Magician
  • Page 16: Max and Skully Ventriloquism (Patter) by Max Terhune
  • Page 16: Kanter's Komments (News) by Mitchell Kanter
  • Page 17: Paging the Ladies
    • Bagdette (Article) by Geraldine Conrad
    • Coastess to Coastess (Article) by Marie Therese Kaufman
    • Recipe of the Month - Genii Brown Derby Special (Article) by Wheeler John
    • Magigals Picnic (Article) by Geraldine Conrad
  • Page 18: P.C.A.M. Mutterings (Article) by Bob Weill
  • Page 18: Magic of the East (News) by Max Holden
  • Page 18: The Little Magic Man (Cartoon) by Al Fagaly
  • Page 19: Programmes of Famous Magicians - Carter the Great - Sept. 14, 1919 (Show review) by R.V. Stone (Dr.)
  • Page 19: Dr. Milton A. Bridges, Owner of World's Largest Magic Book Collection, Dies (Obituaries) by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 20: Conventions News - New York State Convention (News) by Dohs Roy A
  • Page 20: P.C.A.M.-I.A.M. Official Bulletins (Article) by Caryl S. Fleming
  • Page 22: International News - News from Bombay, India (News) by Jehangir
  • Page 22: International News - Magichatter (News) by Cedric
  • Page 23: Club Reports (News) by Various
  • Page 24: Foibles in Fable (Article) by Bob Weill
  • Page 25: One Man Board of Review (Review) by Bob Weill
    • Torn Newspaper in Bouquet (Holden's)
    • The Be-Deviled Egg (Abbott's)
    • Impalement (Abbott's)
    • Markers (Thayer's)
    • Improved Al'n Nate (Berg)
    • Improved Card in Balloon (Caroselli)
    • Hathaway's As You Wish
    • Linking Ring
    • Sphinx
    • Chap's Scrapbook
    • Jinx
    • Funny Talk
    • Tops