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Genii 1950 April

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Genii 1950 April
DateApril 1950
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  • Page 254: The Magi-Market (Trick review) by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 257: Guys and Gimmicks (Editorial) by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 258: Fans in Magic (Miscellaneous Props) by Tan Hock Tuan
  • Page 259: Kalman's Card Control (Cards) by Kalman (of Montreal)
  • Page 260: Durham's Safety Pin Thru Hank (Miscellaneous Props) by Richard Durham
  • Page 361: A Baker's Dozen of Ideas and Bits of Business With the Miser's Dream (Coins) by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 262: Ring on Wand (Miscellaneous Props) by Harry Louine
  • Page 262: New York Notes (News) by Bert Feinson
  • Page 263: The Tortoise and the Hare (Cards) by Edward C. Jochens
  • Page 264: The Magic of Costume Jewelry (Miscellaneous Props) by Ray Muse
  • Page 266: Double Daring Mephisto's Monocle (Cards) by Frederick M. Shields & Bascom Jones, Jr
  • Page 267: Wet or Dry (Miscellaneous Props) by George Keir
  • Page 267: No Deposit Bottle Baffles Berle (Article) by Anonymous
  • Page 268: Publicity of the Month (News) by Anonymous
  • Page 270: Our Cover: The Amazing Volta Burling Hull by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 270: Members of San Jose Mystic Thirteen (Article) by Anonymous
  • Page 271: Towns' Teen Topics New Card Star (Article) by Glen E. Towns
  • Page 272: Paper and Ink (Book review) by Dariel Fitzkee
  • Page 273: Results of the Genii - Orben Poll In Conclusion (Article) by Robert Orben
  • Page 275: A Houdini Escape (Article) by Edward Saint (Dr.)
  • Page 275: Notes from the Magicians Guild (News) by Walter Gibson
  • Page 276: Be Careful of Television It Can Hurt You (Article) by Burling Hull (Volta)
  • Page 277: Hecklers Are Made ... ... Not Born An Opinion (Article) by Felix Korim (Sir)
  • Page 278: P.C.A.M. Convention News (News) by Chandler Stevens
  • Page 278: The First Combined Convention (News) by Al Leech
  • Page 279: Swami Salami Cartoon Strip (Article) by Hume & McAthy
  • Page 279: Bagdad on the Hudson (News) by Edward W. Dart