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Guinness World Records

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Guinness World Records[1], known until 2000 as The Guinness Book of Records (and in previous U.S. editions as The Guinness Book of World Records), is a reference book published annually, containing a collection of world records, both human achievements and the extremes of the natural world.

Magic related records

  • Hans Moretti was recorded for the Burning Rope Escape in October 1988.
  • MAGIC Magazine was deemed the world's largest selling publication for magicians by Guinness World Records. ( 2005 edition, page 183 )
  • Robert Harbin's illusion, Zig Zag Girl was listed in the 2005 edition as the most copied stage illusion.
  • The Invisible Man was certified by the 2005 Guinness Book of World Records as the stage play with the most magical effects.
  • Arturo Brachetti listed as fastest Quick Change artist (2006 and 2007)
  • Le Grand David and His Spectacular Magic Company is recorded as the longest consecutively running stage magic show in the world which celebrated its 31st anniversary on February 20, 2008.
  • The Pendragons was listed in the 50th edition of The Guinness Book of Records under the heading of the "Fastest Transformation Illusion".
  • Ricky Jay for throwing a playing card 190 ft at 90 miles per hour (which was later broken with a record of 216 ft by Rick Smith, Jr.)
  • Sos and Victoria Petrosyans listed with two Quick Change record for changing into 16 costumes in 120 seconds (Germany) and 12 costumes in just 60 seconds (China).


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