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Guy Hollingworth

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Guy Hollingworth (born 1974) is an English barrister, conjuror, author and lecturer. As a conjuror he is known for his skillful performances of card magic and for his books and lectures in which he presents original tricks and routines.

Guy Hollingworth

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Hollingworth is known for his skillful card magic and elegant performing style. He created a sensation in the magic community with his trick Reformation, in which a signed playing card is torn into four pieces and then visibly restored one piece at a time. He is well known for his acclaimed book, Drawing Room Deceptions. Some of his card magic is also featured in his videos The London Collection and Routines. He was also featured on NBC's "World's Greatest Magic III" TV special



  • The Reformation (limited edition)
  • The London Collection
  • Routines

Marketed tricks

  • Quartet - a playing card, included with a booklet of 10 routines or separately in packs of 3
  • Once Upon a Time - a small fairy tale book featuring three magical routines suitable for children

Television appearances

  • The World's Greatest Magic III (USA)
  • Heroes of Magic (UK)
  • Illusoes with Luis de Matos (Portugal)
  • Britain's Worst Cheats (UK)
  • Fifty Greatest Magic Tricks (UK)
  • The Five Greatest Magicians in the World (Japan)


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