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Kuda Bux

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Kuda Bux

Cover of Genii (1969)
BornKhudah Bakhsh
February 17, 1905
Kashmir, Pakistan
DiedFebruary 5, 1981 (age 75)
Hollywood, California
Resting placeForest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cemetery

Kuda Bux (1905-1981) was an Indian mystic and magician born in Aknmur Kashmir, Pakistan as Khudah Bukhsh. One of his most famous tricks was one in which he would cover his eyes with soft dough, blindfold himself, swath his entire head in strips of cloth, and yet still be able to see. He was also a fire walker. Ironically, in his later life, he lost his eyesight to glaucoma.


He promoted himself as "The Man With X Ray Eyes" doing his blindfold act. In his early years, Kuda Bux was billed as Professor K. B. Duke.[1]

During the 1930's and 40's Kuda Bux gave stage performances all over the world claiming his eyeless sight was due to his skill in yoga after decades of intense practice.

He even did an illusion show at times in Europe which included shooting a ribbon through a

girl, his own version of the levitation. a coin ladder, and a girl who vanished by simply folding across her body two silken butterfly wings joined to her arms.

Later in life he would spend his evenings, when in Hollywood, playing cards nightly at the Magic Castle with Dai Vernon.

He died of a heart attack in Hollywood on Feb 5th, 1981, just a few days short of his 76th birthday and just a few days after performing at the Magic Castle.[2]

The story of his life and career was written by Dr. John Booth and appears in the November 1980 issue of THE LINKING RING. Booth cryptically wrote about his age: "His passport states that he was born in 1905, but I am respecting his request not to tell how old he really is." [3]


In 1934 he allowed a team of experts and scientists to seal his eyes shut with dough, tinfoil, gauze and layers of woolen bandages. He astounded them by being able to still read from books placed in front of him. In 1935, in front of an audience of scientists from the University of London Council for Psychical Research and news reporters, Kuda Bux demonstrated his firewalking. He walked across a twelve foot pit of burning coals unscathed. In 1937, he amazed onlookers in Liverpool by walking the entire length of a narrow ledge of a roof 200 feet above the ground while blindfolded. In 1945, Kuda Bux skillfully rode a bicycle through congested New York’s Times Square while his eyes were taped shut.


He was on Robert L. Ripley's first televised "Believe It Or Not" show.

In 1950, Kuda Bux starred in his own CBS series as Kuda Bux, Hindu Mystic giving demonstrations in mind reading as well as eyeless vision.

He as been quoted saying "I believe in Card Reading but I don't believe m card readers I believe in Mentalism but I don't believe in Mentalists I believe in Spiritualism but I don't believe in Spiritualists"

He also appeared on the Johnny Carson show and "You asked for it" doing a Blindfold Drive through Santa Monica, California.


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