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Luke Jermay
BornLuke Richard Jermay
March 7, 1985
Basildon, Essex

CategoriesBooks by Luke Jermay

Luke Jermay (born 7 March 1985 in Basildon, Essex, [England]) is an magician, mentalist, and writer.

Early life

Jermay (born Jermey) was born to a single mother, Jacqueline Jermey on March 7, 1985 in Essex, England. Jermay studied Magic and magic theory, has written many books on his art and has performed magic since the age of 12. At age 15, he wrote his first published book 7 Deceptions (Wonder Wizards, 2000) which reached international popularity within the magic community. Jermay has authored a total of 34 books on the subject of mentalism and mind illusions.


  1. Walls & Bridges
  2. 7 Deceptions
  3. The 8th Manoeuvre
  4. Judgement Day (later revised and included in Building Blocks)
  5. Bizarre
  6. Building Blocks
  7. Rising Ambitions
  8. Central Reservation
  9. The Cloak Shift (a method to perform Sleight of hand#The Pass|the classic pass)
  10. Room 101
  11. The Working Performs Add A Number Note Pad
  12. Touching On Hoy The Real Work CD Rom (limited to the mindvention)
  13. The Coral Fang
  14. The Coral Fang 2
  15. The Coral Fang Workbook (additions and annotations as well as a ‘Study course’)
  16. 7 Deceptions Workbook (additions and annotations as well as a ‘Study course’)
  17. Building Blocks Workbook (additions and annotations as well as a ‘Study course’)
  18. Symettery (lecture notes)
  19. The Definite Article
  20. The International Magic Lecture Notes
  21. The Dangerous Monte Effect (a collection of five “dangerous Monte” effects)
  22. The Headline Prediction (private manuscript)
  23. The Dunninger Ploy Redux (private manuscript)
  24. The Big Three
  25. The Bigger Three
  26. Words
  27. Inkblot manuscript
  28. The Extended Tossed Out Deck
  29. Telling Tales
  30. 3510
  31. Three Cheers For The Underrated
  32. The Long Overdue Blindfold Book
  33. The Rubix Square
  34. Oddities

Others known publications/books :

  1. 49 seconds
  2. Blindfold book
  3. BOB
  4. Color Conscious
  5. From The Notebooks Volume One
  6. Leading Reading

Guest contributions

  1. Miracles Of Suggestion by Kenton Knepper (three effects)
  2. The Theta Portfolio by Allen Zingg (one effect)
  3. The Garden of The Strange by Caleb Strange (several additions)
  4. Meant To Be by John Born (collaboration between Jermay and Banachek)

Feature magazine articles

  1. The Centre Tear Magazine;
    A series of 6 essays/effects published in the online Magazine “The Centre Tear.”
  2. MAGIC Magazine;
    A trick-teaching section devoted to Jermay's effects. Most published in other sources.
  3. Genii Magazine;
    An ongoing series of essays and effects published in Genii Magazine.
  4. MagicSeen:
    Cover article and interview.


  1. Skullduggery
  2. Induction (not yet published)
  3. International Magic Live Lecture.
  4. Mind Magic Performance DVD (after show sales only)
  5. Emotional Intelligence
  6. An Extraordinary Exhibition of Seeing with the Fingertips
  7. Colorblind


  1. The performers podcast.
  2. Radio Magic Interviews.

Special Interview/Guest Weeks on Magic Forums

  1. The magic woods.
  2. Talk Magic.
  3. Magic Bunny.
  4. Magic Tricks UK.

TV Shows

  1. Derren Brown (Trick of the Mind Season 3 Writer.)
  2. Criss Angel (Mind Freak seasons 1, 2. Writer/director and talking head features.)
  3. Marco Tempest (The Virtual Magician Live Show Writer.)
  4. The Johnny Vaune Show (resident mind reader performance)
  5. The History of Magic (The world’s best mind readers. Performance and writer credit)
  6. Dynamo magician impossible (series 1&2) (series 2 in the making currently 2/4/2012)

Magic career

He has performed in more than 20 countries including his native United Kingdom and the United States in venues from local taverns to the London Palladium on December 20, 2002 at the annual International Magic Convention in London, England. Best known for his use of suggestion and the use and apparent use of covert forms of psychological influence, his trademark routines are an apparently self-induced cessation of his pulse, followed by an apparent stop of a random audience member's pulse, and The Chair Prediction, a routine in which Jermay predicts which chair a spectator will choose to sit in.

Jermay has written a total of 33 books and manuscripts on magic and magic theory, many of which are limited-release, but 4 of which have been published by magic companies and mass-circulated. Those are 7 Deceptions (Wonder Wizards, 2000), Building Blocks (Alakazam Magic, 2003), Coral Fang (Alakazam Magic, 2004), and "3510" (2007).

He has also worked with many other magicians and mentalists as writer, designer of psychological illusions and program consultant. His first consulting work was on season 1 of Derren Brown, Mind Control (2000) consulting for Derren Brown which he continued on seasons 2&3 of Derren Brown, Trick of the Mind (2003–2004). Jermay also worked with Criss Angel on seasons 1&2 of MindFreak (2005–2006), and with Marco Tempest on The Virtual Magician (2004).

He also served as consultant for the television series The Mentalist which started in 2008.

More recently he has consulted for Dynamo, a UK based magician from Bradford.

Luke currently lives in York where he regularly performs his most recent stage show 'Psychic Cabaret' at The Basement.


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  • Cover, The Magic Circular, Vol. 106, No. 1152, July 2012, Dynamo Magician Impossible, page 204

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