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(Persons who've appeared on the cover)
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*[[Stuart Cramer]] (September 1951)
*[[Stuart Cramer]] (September 1951)
*[[Clayton Rawson]] (October 1951)
*[[Clayton Rawson]] (October 1951)
*[[Johnny Giordmaine]] (November 1951)
*[[John Giordmaine]] (November 1951)
*[[Dorny]] (December 1951)
*[[Dorny]] (December 1951)

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M-U-M Magic-Unity-Might is the official organ of the Society of American Magicians. It started in October, 1911 (see M-U-M (Roltare)) with some interruptions and changes in the title over the years.

Prior to M-U-M, in 1902 S.A.M. reports were published in the Sphinx magazine.

In 1941, S.A.M. awarded William Larsen, Sr. with the contract to print M-U-M as part of Genii magazine (June 1941 to September 1945).

In 1947, John Mulholland was awarded the contract to start printing MUM within the Sphinx.

It has since been running as an independent magazine continuously since June, 1951, when Milbourne Christopher took over.

Persons who've appeared on the cover

First issue

Vol 41, No. 1, June 1951