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MAGIC, The Magazine for Magicians, is an independent magazine for magicians that is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. A creation of Stan Allen after his "Inside Magic" newsletter which ran from 1985-1991. It debuted in September of 1991, with its first issue featuring Lance Burton on the cover.

Writers for the magazine have included Joshua Jay, Gabe Fajuri, John Lovick, Alan Howard, Max Maven, Peter Duffie, Mark Nelson, Rory Johnston, and Shawn McMaster.

In 2001 it was announced that MAGIC produced a convention known as MAGIC Live.

In 2005 MAGIC Magazine was deemed the world's largest selling publication for magicians by Guinness World Records. ( 2005 edition page 183 )

In 2007 MAGIC Magazine was also listed as one of the Chicago Tribune's 50 favorite magazines in their annual summer list.

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