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Featured article

Harvey Long

Harvey and Maxine Long (Seattle, 1974)
BornHarvey Leroy Long
April 6 1916
San Francisco, California
DiedDecember 25 1992 (age 76)
Seattle, Washington

Harvey Long (1916-1992) was a professional magician based in Seattle, Washington for over 50 years.

Long was born in San Francisco but soon after his birth his family moved to Everett, Washington. Harvey became interested in magic as a boy after seeing a performance by Professor Raymond (not to be confused with Maurice Raymond.) In 1932 he saw Howard Thurston's show at the 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle and in 1935, at age 19, Long attended the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians' convention in Hollywood.

Long was drafted shortly after the U.S. entered WWII. He was assigned to the Army in Australia and The Philippines. When it was discovered that he was a magician, Long was assigned to Special Services and helped produce and perform in the "50-50 Army Show".

Returning to Seattle after the war, Long resumed his studies, graduating from the University of Washington with a degree in Journalism. He was still performing in clubs and theaters around the Northwest, together with Maxine, who had also created her own magic act during the years that Harvey was overseas.

During the 1950's and 60's, "Harvey Long and Maxine" were the most popular magic act in the Seattle area, performing at hundreds of events. Harvey's popularity earning him the nickname "Seattle's Mr. Magic" as dubbed by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper. Long created a 15-minute television show, "Magic Time" that was broadcast over KING-5 in 1950.

During the 1960's and 70's, Harvey and Maxine hosted a group of young magicians, what became known as "The Seattle Junior Magicians Club", in their home. The group met twice-monthly in the Long's fully equipped basement theater.

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Did you know...

From MagicPedia's newest articles:

  • ... Author Clayton Rawson organized an informal exclusive magic organization in New York City called the Witchdoctors Club...
  • ... George Casaubon was the pen name of Monsignor Vincent Foy, a Roman Catholic priest and magic collector.
  • ... Professor Henderson (Milton H. Grannat) was one of the crew on the Monitor, during the Civil War. After retiring from the Federal Navy at the close of the Civil War, he became a magician.
  • ... Mac McDonald(1907-c.1982), of McDonald's Aces fame, was a diamond broker before he became a magician...
  • ... Jack Merlin (c.1885-1943) was buried at Marion National Cemetery in Marion, Indiana...
  • ... Houdini had a nephew, Harry Houdini Hinson, who was an amateur magician that died at the age of 21...
  • ... Houdini wrote under the name "N. Osey" for both Mahatma and his own Conjurers' Monthly Magazine....
  • ... American author John Ball (who wrote the mystery novel "In the Heat of the Night" involving the African-American police detective Virgil Tibbs in 1965) performed as a semi-professional magician in college as Jacques_Morintell...

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  • March 13, 2013 - Hans Moretti, a FISM winning mentalist and illusionist, died.
  • March 6, 2013 - Chinese magician De Yip Loo, who created the "Shang Po Magic Show", died. Bangladesh.

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