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Magic With Faucett Ross

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Frank Csuri's compiled transcripts of correspondence between Faucett Ross and Charlie Miller was used as the basis for this book.


A MAGICIAN AND HIS MAGIC (biographical details and excerpts from his correspondence with Charlie Miller.)

SECTION ONE - HANDKERCHIEF MAGIC (includes the glass and silk routine; cut, burnt and restored handkerchief; and fountain of silks)

SECTION TWO - AN ORIENTAL FLAVOR (includes Snowstorm in China, Hindu Turban and Faucett's routine for the Paul Fox Candy Bowl)

SECTION THREE - MAGIC WITH LIQUIDS (includes his two bowl production, the hydrostatic glass, and glass of milk vanish)

SECTION FOUR - HAND MAGIC (includes his banknote manipulation, salt pour, and miser's dream routines)

SECTION FIVE - MISCELLANEOUS MAGIC (includes his Sun and Moon, Eggs from Hat, Vanishing Bird Cage and Bill to Lemon)

SECTION SIX - THEE CLASSICS (Egg Bag, Cups and Balls, Linking Rings)

SECTION SEVEN - TIPS AND TRICKS (includes effects by Vernon, Keating, Grey and Horowitz)


SECTION NINE - FAUCETT ROSS AND T. NELSON DOWNS (includes anecdotes, tricks and excerpts from Downs' correspondence. )

SECTION TEN - CARD MAGIC (includes Herbert Milton's Rendition of Matching the Cards, a full twenty minute stand-up card act with just a pack of cards, J. Warren Keane's Poker Demonstration, and a section of "Vernon Touches").

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