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New Era Card Tricks

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New Era Card Tricks
New Era Card Tricks.png
Cover from Google Books
AuthorAugust Roterberg
Publication Date1897

New Era Card Tricks was written specifically for magicians by Chicago magic dealer August Roterberg, unlike prior magic books which were published and written for the public.

New Era Card Tricks contains a number of mechanical card effects and gaffs reproduced from the German works of F. W. Conradi. The book introduced the term "Color Change" and gave an early explanation of the Double Lift. It was also the first book to provide a description of the Back Palm.

It may have been an influence or inspiration for S.W. Erdnase when writing Expert at the Card Table since some of the sleights are identical or provided inspiration for Erdnase.


From Introduction: "The performer’s manner should be suave, but not over polite, a mistake made by most beginners. Over politeness tends to reduce the performer to a level below that of spectators; whereas, his object is to convey the impression that he is being gifted with an inexplicacle power."


Copyright has expired for this book in the United States (and likely many other countries as well).

A digitized edition is available from where it can be read online or downloaded in multiple formats including PDF, EPUB, Kindle and raw text.

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