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* Carmel, Simon J.  Biography of Pierre Brahma.  In Invisible Magic: Biographies of 112 Deaf Magicians from 28 Countries.  Eustis, Florida: SPS Publications.  2013: 105-107.   

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Pierre Brahma

Cover of Genii (1976)
Marseilles, France


Pierre Brahma (b.1933) is a deaf magician who has won FISM Grand Prix twice (1964, 1976).[1][2]


Born to an Italian mother and a French father, he became partially deaf as a result of a severe case of scarlet fever at the age of thirteen. As a young student Brahma discovers the art of illusion through books found at a second-hand bookshops. By twenty-one, he receives a law degree even though his hearing impairment is so severe that he is unable to benefit from any orally given instruction.

However, he is barred from passing the entrance exam to E.N.A. (the National School of Administration), which claims his handicap could worsen. So despite a university degrees, he has to settle for low-level employment as an insurance clerk.

To escape, he creates a novel illusionist act using necklaces, jewels, crowns and gold coins. At the 1964 FISM, he is crowned WORLD CHAMPION OF MAGIC in Barcelona and embarks on an international career as an illusionist which takes him all over the world.

In 1973, he suffers a very severe infection and becomes completely and irreversibly deaf. He studies lip reading and designs a spotlighting system, which allows him to follow the musical accompaniment to his act visually. Despite his total lack of hearing, he wins the another FISM World Championships of Magic in Vienna, Austria.

He has now performed on television shows in 37 countries. [3]


  • "LA MALLE DES INDES" (The Indian Trunk) 1980, a story of his battle against deafness.


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