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Rufus Claude Buff (1899-1990) performed as Claudio The Magician.

R.C. Buff
BornRufus Claude Buff
October of 1899
DiedMarch of 1990 (age 90)
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Buff had a long career as a minister and was often heard on radio. Numerous tricks and ideas of his appeared in "The Sphinx" as Claudio. He was also editor of Modern Magi magazine (1943-1956). He later joined with John Bloor to create a bimonthly remake called New Modern Magi in the 1980s

Buff held card number 46 in the I.B.M.


  • Claudio's Mysteries (1942)
  • Square and Circle Magic (1946)
  • Ghost of the Past! (1979)
  • The Wizard of Knotsville (1985)

Notable Articles

Buff contributed material for the Hocus Pocus Parade(a long-standing column) in an issue of The Linking Ring in 1978.[1] Namely, he contributed the following effects to that issue:

  • Ancient Ropes, Oops, Rope
  • Another Rope Through Neck
  • The Traveling Ring
  • My Uncle Percy
  • A Knot Cocktail
  • Color Choice
  • Houdini Loops


  1. Hocus Pocus Parade The Linking Ring Vol. 58 No. 2 (February 1978)
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