Richiardi Jr.

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Aldo Richiardi (November 24, 1923 - September 5, 1985) was born Aldo Izquierdo Colosi in Peru. His father was the magician Ricardo Richiardi. His grandfather was a magician that toured South America and was the first to use the "Richiardi" name.

He began performing as an assistant to his father, but had no intention of becoming the third generation of Richiardis. He wanted to become a doctor instead. After his father's death in the United States, he saved up enough money to move back home to Argentina (where most of his father's illusion were stored). He attended military school and studied singing and dancing.

By 1943, wanting to carry on the family tradition, he began performing as "Richiardi Jr." in Argentina, later billing himself as "the youngest illusionist in the world".

He was a frequent performer on the Ed Sullivan TV Show and appeared in a number of TV variety shows including "Witness the Impossible" and NBC's "Magic of the Stars." In 1980, he taped his a cable TV special "Richiardi's Chamber of Horrors," hosted by Vincent Price.

Richiardi died from complications following a surgery when both legs had to be amputated for infection.


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