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Sixteen Thumb Tie Gems

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American edition by Max Holden.

Sixteen Thumb Tie Gems
AuthorMax Andrews
PublisherMax Andrews
IllustratorMax Andrews
Publication Date1947

Reviewed in Genii 1947 June


As a dealer in Magical Apparatus, I am constantly being asked by my magical friends, “What is the best way to do the Thumb Tie Trick?”

Now this trick is one of those peculiar effects where the presentation seems to he unusually acceptable to most audiences, yet a number of performers will all use different methods to achieve the same purpose.

Often when offered the method wherein the small metal feke is used, a magician will reject it on the ground that he would not have enough confidence to work it, and would prefer a sleight of hand method. Against this we have the fact that well-known performers have, and are, using this method with great satisfaction and effect.

It all depends on a performer’s personality and style. The method that appeals to him, the one he confidently feels lie could get away with, then that is the best method for him to use.

Many different methods have been evolved, many of them in books that today are out of print and unobtainable. I have also been fortunate enough to collect several that have never before been published. My purpose in presenting this collection of Thumb Tie Methods is to enable the would be performer to find out everything there is to know on the technique and methods used. He can then use his own judgment and select the one that pleases him. Properly mastered, and presented with style and showmanship, he will find that this trick is as good, if not better tlian many in his repertoire.




  • The Author
  • Title Page
  • Foreword
  • History of the Thumb Tie
  • Presentation
  • Comedy Stunts
  • The Scissors Tie
  • The ‘Steal’ Method I
  • The ‘Steal’ Method II
  • The ‘Steal’ Method III
  • “EM-AY” Electric Flex Tie
  • “EM-AY” Pipe Cleaner Variation
  • The Tape Tie
  • The “La France” Tie
  • The “La France” Tie (Victor Farelli Variation)
  • The “La France” Tie (Max Andrews Variation)
  • The Gimmick Method
  • The “Osman” Thumb Tie
  • The “Ten Ichi” Thumb Tie
  • The “M.A.” Bluff Tie
  • The Dunninger Tie
  • The Thumb Stocks
  • The Thumb Screws
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