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Stripper Deck

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The Stripper Deck (also known as a Wizard Deck, Slipper Deck (British) and Biseauté Deck) is a Mechanical Deck that enables a card to be easily located.

It allows the magician to easily control the location of a card or group of cards within the pack. Even after being shuffled into the deck by a spectator, the magician can cut to a selected card; or after being lost in different parts of the deck, the magician can control multiple cards to the bottom or top of the deck.

According to John Northern Hilliard, the Stripper Deck is perhaps the oldest form of a gaffed deck to come from professional gamblers.[1]


  • End Strippers are the same as the Stripper deck but the work has been done to the end of the deck.
  • Belly Strippers or Beveled Deck are the same as the Stripper deck but the work has been done to the middle of the sides.



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