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The Silver Passage

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The Silver Passage
The Silver Passage
AuthorGary Ouellet
PublisherCamirand Academy of Magic
Publication Date1980

A coins-through-table routine by Gary Ouellet published in 1980 as part of the Masters of Magic series (Volume 1, #3). Four coins are introduced, then a small, round mirror from a make-up compact is placed on the table, whereupon each of the four coins penetrates the mirror and table, arriving in the magician's hand on the underside. The last coin penetrates by means of the Hirata Master Move, a sleight-of-hand technique created by Japanese magician, Haruhito Hirata, whereby the coin, held in full view at the magician's fingertips, disappears in the blink of an eye as it's brought down to the mirror.

Ten years later, in Close-Up Illusions (Camirand Academy of Magic, 1990), Ouellet included a chapter of follow-up techniques, including The Gossamer Dissolve, a method for causing all four coins to vanish simultaneously as they're apparently dropped into the mirror, effectively bringing the routine to a close.

Reviewed in Genii 1980 July.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction by Guy Camirand
  • Effect
  • A Short History of The Silver Passage
  • What You Need
  • Chapter One: The Clink/Clink Move
  • Chapter Two: The Crossover Lap
  • Chapter Three: Gary Ping Chien
  • Chapter Four: The Hirata Master Move
  • Notes on the Hirata Move
  • The Last Word
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