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Think of a Card

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Think of a Card is a mentalism effect in which a spectator merely thinks of a card and the performer locates it.

The magician allows the spectator to think of a card by:

  • Displaying the faces of a small packet of cards
  • Dispalying all the cards in the deck or apparently all the cards
  • Allowing the spectator to just think of the value and suit of any card in the deck.

The magician reveals the thought of card in one of two ways:

  • A card is identified (i.e. placed down on the table or sticking up out of a fan) and then displayed after the spectator announces the thought of card.
  • The spectator announces the card and then the card is revealed in a unique way. For example, it's the only red backed card in the blue deck.

See also Any Card At Any Number.

Early publications

Early examples of this plot are:

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