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| birth_day                =  November 29,  
| birth_day                =  November 29,  
| birth_year                =  1953
| birth_year                =  1953
| birth_place              =  Dutchland
| birth_place              =  Lisse near Amsterdam, Netherlands
| death_day                =  June 26,
| death_day                =  June 26,
| death_year                =  2006
| death_year                =  2006

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Tommy Wonder (November 29, 1953 - June 26, 2006) was the stage name of Jacobus Maria Bemelman (a.k.a. Jos Bema), a Dutch magician who performed both close-up and stage magic. Wonder performed in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and on Fox television.

Tommy Wonder
BornJacobus Maria Bemelman
November 29, 1953
Lisse near Amsterdam, Netherlands
DiedJune 26, 2006 (age 52)
CategoriesBooks by Tommy Wonder


Tommy Wonder developed an interest in conjuring at an early age. He studied acting, dancing and singing for three years at the Academie voor Podiumvorming (Performance Academy) in The Hague and subsequently toured for two years with De Haagsche Comedie.

Tamed Cards

Because Wonder designed and developed all of his own repertoire, he was held in high esteem amongst his colleagues in magic. Wonder's 1996 two-volume The Books of Wonder are highly acclaimed.

Tommy Wonder died after a brief battle with lung cancer.

Awards and honors



  • Tommy Wonder at British Close-Up Magic Symposium (1991)
  • Tommy Wonder's Visions of Wonder Vol 1 (DVD)
  • Tommy Wonder's Visions of Wonder Vol 2 (DVD)
  • Tommy Wonder's Visions of Wonder Vol 3 (DVD)


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