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m (In the tradition of Houdini and Cardini he preferred "Slydini." I suggest this listing be changed to simply "Slydini," rather than "Tony Slydini.")
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== External Links==
== External Links==
Slydini on Cavet (The cigarette fantasy)
Slydini on Cavett (The cigarette fantasy)
* Paper balls into box
* Paper balls into box

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Slydini (September 1, 1901 - January 15, 1991) was a world renowned magician born Quintino Marucci in Foggia, Italy. He first took the stagename of "Tony Foolem" and eventually later "Slydini".

Slydini was the son of an amateur magician who encouraged him to pursue sleight of hand at an early age.

While still young, Slydini and his family moved from Italy to Argentina. He worked in South America's version of vaudeville, but after the Great Depression hit, work became scarce.

In 1930, he moved to New York City, where he got a job at Hubert's Museum on Forty-second Street and later found work in carnivals and sideshows. On a visit to Boston, Slydini landed a three-day show and ended up performing in Boston for seven years.

Slydini's magic was usually impromptu, rather than following a set sequence of tricks. He allowed his audience and the situation to dictate his show.

The French film producer Christian Fechner brought Slydini to France and professionally filmed his entire repertoire possibly during the 1970s. The films have never been released.


  • "Stars of Magic Series 8"_-_Slydini
  • "The Magic of Slydini" by Lewis Ganson
  • "Slydini Encores" by Leon Nathanson
  • "The Best of Slydini ... and More" (2volumes) by Karl Fulves
  • "The Magical World of Slydini" (2 volumes) by Karl Fulves
  • "Annotated Magic of Slydini"


  • As I Recall (2 DVD Set) : Slydini's students pay tribute to the man, the mentor, and the magic. They recall some of their most cherished moments with the master and perform their favorite effects, keeping his legacy alive.

External Links

Slydini on Cavett (The cigarette fantasy)