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Walking Through a Brick Wall

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Walking Through a Brick Wall was an illusion popularized by Houdini on July 13, 1914 at the Hammerstein's in New York.[1]

A wall was built out of bricks onstage. With screens on each side, the performer, concealed by screens passes through the obstacle.[2]


C. A. Alexander was performing this illusion as far back as December 1898 in Alaska, using blocks of ice. [3]

It was first performed using a brick wall by P.T. Selbit on June 15, 1914 at Maskelyne & Devant’s Egyptian Hall in London. Sidney E. Josolyne from London, who had never before presented the illusion, claimed he had invented a version in 1913 using a steel plate as the wall.[4] Houdini bought the American rights from Josolyne.[5]

Modern Performances

  • Doug Henning performed his version on his 1977 television special, World of Magic III.
  • David Copperfield, on his 1986 television special, performed his by walking through the Great Wall of China.



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