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Wandcraft: Making and Using a Magic Wand

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Wandcraft: Making and Using a Magic Wand
AuthorJudge Gary Brown
PublisherTheory and Art of Magic Press
Publication Date2020

Published by Theory and Art of Magic Press in October 2020, Wandcraft: Making and Using a Magic Wand was written by Judge Gary Brown. According to the publisher's site []:

"The magic wand is a primary symbol of magic, yet many magicians disregard it as an affectation or anachronism. And so, they lose sight of its power and promise as an instrument of magic. In this groundbreaking book, Judge Gary Brown reawakens us to the potential of magic’s most ancient tool. Wandcraft includes: — Six fully-scripted routines that integrate a magic wand into their performance. — Complete instructions on how to build five types of wands. — Practical theory about the functions of a magic wand to help this powerful tool come alive in your hands."

The site also offers the following endorsements:

Jeff McBride (Grandmaster of Magic) "Wandcraft is essential reading for any magician. It is a practical guide to making your own magic wand that also re-empowers this ancient magical tool for modern times."

Steve Cohen (Chamber Magic) "The wand is an essential tool for magicians, and this book is an essential companion that teaches how, and why, to add this symbol of might to your own magic."

George Schindler (Dean of the Society of American Magicians) "Wandcraft covers everything a magician needs to know about using a magic wand. Aside from clarifying ten various uses, Judge Brown offers tips to help you make your own wand. And, yes, a few of his favorite tricks are included. I am happy to include this in my library."

Harrison Greenbaum (America's Got Talent, The Illusionists: Direct from Broadway, owes Gary a favor) "Of all the books on making and using magic wands I've read, this is the only one."

Wandcraft was the Official Book of Wands for the 2020 Magic & Meaning Conference of the McBride Magic and Mystery School.


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