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A Brief and Pleasant Treatise

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Entitled Natural and Artificial Conclusions, one of the first book in English to include magic tricks.

A Brief and Pleasant Treatise
AuthorThomas Hill
Publication Date1581


  • The properties of the Adamant Stone
  • The secrets properties of the Egge
  • A proper conclusion of an Hasell Sticke
  • A proper practise to make a Capon to bring up young Chickens
  • To make any soule of what condition the same be, to have feathers all white
  • To make a Candle burne in the water
  • To make a woman, that she shall not eate of the meares set upon the Table
  • A Proper secret of the Philosophers, to make a Stone burne without fyre
  • To make one to see fearefull fights in his sleepe
  • Howe to turne water into wine, a proper secrete
  • To make a lyght or Candle, to endure bruning without going out by any winde, so long as the substance endureth
  • How to make quarters of wood to hang so fast together, that they can not be shaken a funder without brealing
  • How to make a colour like to gold in understanding this secrete
  • To make silver like any mettell, which shall so continue a long tyme
  • How to sticke an Iron or Steele Bodkin, into the head of either Cocke, Henne, or Chicken
  • To make a Candle that will not goe oat, untyll the whole substaunce be wasted
  • How to make Iron soft, a proper secret
  • To make a Sword, Dagger, or Knife to cut Iron, so easilie as Leade
  • How to keepe weapons cleane and fayre for a long tyme
  • How to make Steele so soft as past, a proper secrete
  • How to make Hennes lay Egges, all the winter through
  • How to make the Chamber appeare full of Snakes and Adders
  • How to make letters appeare of the colour of Gold, Copper, or Silver
  • How to make any peece of Iron to appear lyke golde
  • Howe to have freshe roses at all tymes of the yeere, sundrie wayes taughe
  • How to make Beanes and other feeds growe up in foure houres
  • To make a Candle of Ise, to burnelyke into an other Candle
  • To make fleshe to seeme to crall full or woormes
  • How to make a light in the night tyme, that all things round about thy hall or parlour, shall appeare both blacke and greene
  • Howe to make Rootes to have what proper forme you will on them
  • How to breake a stone which the fyst, of the thicknesse of ones hand
  • To make an herbe to growe, which shal have many favours and tastes
  • How to make sundry devises or Armes, or such lyke, in a Rose, Carnation or Flowers de luce, or Lilly
  • To write what you lyst on a Steele dagger or Knife
  • Howe to breake a newe and bigge Rope, wtih the handes only
  • How to make white Flowers lyke as the Lillie, white Rose and such lyke to be redde
  • How to make a hollow Ring to daunce by it selfe, a proper secrete
  • To make Glew to holde together so hard as a stone, a proper secrete
  • To make an Apple move on the Table, a proper secrete
  • To make Roses and other flowers that be red, to become white
  • How to write letters on the Egshel, that the same letters may appeare within on the Egge
  • How to make a Bottle or a narrow mouth pot full of water or milke, not to spyll or shed foorth (ancester of Hydrostatic Glass)
  • How to kyll Fleas divers wayes
  • How to make a potte of glasse not to sinke in the water, a proper secrete
  • How to make a thin Glew, verie profitable, a proper secrete
  • How to drawe a Ring of, being very hard thrust on, and the finger swelled
  • To make fruites, as Apples, Peares, Quinces, and such lyke, to have what porper form you will on them
  • How to cut a Glasse, a proper secrete
  • How to fosten Christall, to imprint what you lyst therein, a proper secrete
  • How to walke on the water, aproper secrete
  • To make a Candle to burne, a proper secrete
  • How to drawe many Candles, the one after the other, being layd a foote distaunce or more a funder
  • How to cutte an Apple into many peeces, without harming of the skinne or paring
  • How to make a Cup of Glasse, being set in the fire, not to burne
  • How to make a Candle to be mervailed at, a proper secrete
  • How to make Quicksilver, in a manner so hard as Sylver
  • How to see many and divers stranges sigtes in an Urinall
  • How to catch Fowles without a Nette
  • How to make a loafe of bread newe set upon the Table, to leape of
  • How to make an Egge flie about a merrie conclusion
  • How to make artificiall fyre divers wayes, and that mervailous
  • How to know a naturall precious stone, from a counterfeite
  • How to make a man to appeare on a flame burning, without any harme
  • How to make the Chamber as light by night as by day
  • How to make two Dogges fight together, a proper secrete
  • How to make a Bitch, that she shall not desire to be covered with any Dog
  • To make a blowne bladder to daunce and skip from place to place
  • How to cast foorth any woorme or Snake entered within the body
  • How to make a Hen to run away with great feare
  • How to finde a person drowned, that have beene sought for
  • How to deale with Iron many wayes right profitable
  • To light a Candle at the mouth of an Image, painted on the wall
  • To take Fishe by night
  • To make that no Dog barke at you
  • To make Birdes come to your Culverhouse
  • To put an Apple in a Viall
  • To put an Egge in a Viall
  • To make folke seeme blacke
  • To proove if a mayden be cleane
  • To knowe if a sicke person shall die or not
  • To make salt water freshe
  • To kindle fyre at the Sunne
  • To see by night as by day
  • To make flesh cleane in the pot
  • To take Byrdes
  • To make Silke Woormes
  • To eatte Hennes or Capons
  • That one shall not be dronke
  • To make a good baite for Fishe, at all seasons of the yeere
  • To make an Egge goe up to the Spere ende
  • To make fishe or flesh seeme rawe
  • To make Potage to run out of the pot
  • To kyll Hennes or Duckes
  • To make Coales to burne a great whyle
  • That a man shall not be wearie of going
  • Ad capiendum Pisces
  • To make Yearne and lynnen Cloath white
  • To make that a Horse may not goe through a streete
  • To knowe if a Woman be with a man childe, or not
  • To eate thy feete for going
  • To have fayre white teeth
  • To take Fleas


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