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Bob Longe

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Bob Longe
BornRobert C. Longe
November 4, 1928
DiedMarch 17, 2004 (age 75)
CategoriesBooks by Bob Longe

Bob Longe (1928-2004), a retired English teacher and ardent magic hobbyist from Michigan, authored numerous magic books for beginners. He also played piano, tenor banjo, and ukulele.


Inspired by the big stage shows of the great illusionists Blackstone and Dante, he took up magic in the 1930s. In his teens he got to know some of Detroit's magicians including Harold Sterling, Milt Kort, Karrell Fox, Bob Lund, and Bob Stencel. Later he met and become friends with other local magicians such as Wally Wilson and Ron Bauer.

Early on, he wrote two booklets on card tricks: The Invisible Deck (published by the Ireland Magic) and The Visible Deck (self-published), before taking up writing again in the 1990s.

Longe died while attending a meeting of Florida’s Pensacola IBM Ring 287. Just as he finished his last effect of some of his favorite routines, he collapsed to the floor of an apparent heart attack. He was rushed to a hospital where he died later that night.[1][2][3]

The upcoming Ron Bauer Private Studies Series release, number 23, will be Bob Longe's Worn Out Deck.


  • The Invisible Deck and Other Card Tricks (1948)
  • The Visible Deck (1949)
  • World's Best Card Tricks (1991)
  • World's Best Coin Tricks (1992)
  • 101 Amazing Card Tricks (1993)
  • Easy Magic Tricks (1994)
  • Easy Card Tricks (1995)
  • Great Card Tricks (1995)
  • Mind Reading Magic Tricks (1996)
  • World's Greatest Card Tricks (1996)
  • Mystifying Card Tricks (1997)
  • The Magical Math Book (1997)
  • Giant Book of Card Tricks (1998)
  • Card Tricks Galore (1999)
  • The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Magic (1999)
  • The Little Giant Book of Card Tricks (2000)
  • Clever Card Tricks For the Hopelessly Clumsy (2001)
  • The Jumbo Book of Card Tricks & Games (2001)
  • Money Magic Tricks (2001)
  • The Little Giant Book of Magic Tricks (2002)
  • Classic Card Games & Tricks (with Sheila Anne Barry, William A. Moss, and Alfred Sheinwold; 2002)
  • Classic Magic Tricks (with David Knowles and Charles Barry Townsend; 2002)
  • Classic Mathemagic (with Raymond Blum, Adam Hart-Davis, and Derrick Niederman; 2003)
  • Clever Close-up Magic (2003)
  • Easy Card Magic (2003)
  • Easy Hand Tricks (2003)
  • Sleight of Hand: 106 Amazing Card & Coin Tricks (2003)
  • The Ultimate Book of Card & Magic Tricks (2004)
  • The Jumbo Book of Magic Tricks (2005)
  • Mind-Blowing Magic Tricks (2007)
  • No Boredom Allowed!: Nutty Challenges & Zany Dares (2008)


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