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Cardtoon (c1992) is Classic Card Effect developed by Dan Harlan in which drawings on a special deck of cards become animated (like a flip-book) and finds the spectator's freely named card.


  • Card-Toon #1 by Dan Harlan. The stick-figure magician pulls a card from his top hat and turns it over to reveal that it is the same card that the spectator named.
  • Card-Toon #2 by Dan Harlan is similar to Card-Toon, however the magician gets shot out of a cannon and lands holding the spectators card.
  • Fart-Toon - The effect is the same as in Card-Toon, but the stick figure pulls out of his hat an extra-hot chili burger and eats it; a few moments later nature takes it’s course in the form of a giant fart. When the gas clears the image of the chosen card is left in its place.
  • Cardian Angel by Paul Harris and Mike Maxwell. An animated Angel finds the spectator's card...and their name.

Published animated cards routines

  • Animator in Simply Harkey by David Harkey (1991): A stick man drawn on a deck is "flipped" like a flip book. The man marks an X on a card, and the rest of the deck is shown not to have any markings. The X'd card is removed and found to be the selection.