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Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table

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Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table
Ortiz at the card table.jpg
AuthorDarwin Ortiz
EditorMatthew Field, Mark Phillips, Richard Kauman
PublisherKaufman and Greenberg
Publication Date1988

Reviewed in Genii 1991 April


Table of Contents

  • Pinky Count
  • One-Handed Tilt Setup


  • Jacks Open
    • Braue Secret Addition Handling
  • Jackpot
  • Jacks or Better
  • In One Deal
    • Ed Marlo's Unit Control (For Dealing Thirds)
  • Mexican Poker
  • Darwin's Three-Card Monte
    • The Monte Throw
  • The Estimation Routine
    • Hindu Shuffle Glimpse
  • Grand Slam
  • The Vegas Shuffle
    • Laurie Ireland's Red/Black Shuffle
    • The Zarrow Shuffle
    • Ed Marlo's Key Move
  • Fast Shuffle
    • Four-Shuffle Riffle Stacking
    • Two-Shuffle Riffle Stacking
    • Gambler's Double Deal
  • The Twofer Shuffle
  • Greek Poker
    • Strip-Out Shuffle with Block Transfer
  • The Ultimate Card Shark
    • The Benzais Cut
    • Up-The-Ladder Variation
    • Zarrow Shuffle Riffle Stacking


  • The Dream Card
    • Erdnase Top Palm
  • Hitchcock Aces
  • Nine-Card Location
    • Riffle Force
    • Roger Klause's Multiple Control
    • Skinner/Fechter Spring Card Revelation
    • Neal Elias' Cutting Discovery
    • K.M. Move
    • Cyprian/Ortiz Revelation
    • Ortiz Pop-Out Cut
    • Eddie Fechter's Hindu Revelation
    • Marlo/D'Amico Toss-In Location
  • Regal Aces
    • The Cover Pass
    • Slip Cut in the Hands
    • J.K. Hartman's Catch Switch
    • Larry Jennings' Multiple Lift Sequence
    • Ken Krenzel's Pressure Hide-Out
    • Ortiz Packet Palm
    • R. Gordon Bruce's Pocket Load
  • Slick Aces
  • Deja Vu Jokers
  • Modern Jazz Aces
    • Ed Marlo's Olram Subtlety Improved
    • The Lucky Deck
    • Darwin's Wild Card
    • Ed Marlo's Glide Variation
    • Ken Krenzel's Drag Double Lift
    • Side Steal Color Change
  • Darwin's Aces
    • Larry Jennings' Ace Steal
    • J.K. Hartman's ATFUS Variation
  • The Card Warp Deck
  • The Si Stebbins Secret
  • Do As I Did
  • Jumping Gemini
  • Back Off
    • Dai Vernon's Through the Fist Flourish
    • Bernard Bilis' Unloading Move
    • Dai Vernon's Alignment Move (First Handling)
  • Mindbender (John Clark)
  • Ultimate Interchange
    • Dai Vernon's Two-Card Pushoff
    • Dai Vernon's Alignment Move (Second Handling)
    • The Steranko Move
    • Tabled Slip Cut
  • New Tens Routine
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