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Daryl's Ambitious Card Omnibus

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Daryl's Ambitious Card Omnibus
AuthorStephen Minch
Publication Date1987

Reviewed in Genii 1988 July


  • Introduction

SECTION ONE: The Routine

SECTION TWO: Alternative Sequences

CHAPTER ONE: Four Opening Gambits

  • Page 37: The Center Double Lift (Jack Avis)
  • Page 38: The Hofzinser Spread Pass (J. N. Hofzinser)
  • Page 41: Signed with Suspicion (Vic Kirk)
  • Page 41: To Boldly Go

CHAPTER TWO: Further Ascensions

  • Page 44: The Push-In Change (A. Roterberg, Hatton & Plate, Frederick Braue)
  • Page 46: Tabled Ambition (Phil Goldstein)
  • Page 48: The Outjog Change (Al Baker)
  • Page 49: The Ambitious Miracle-Change (Edward Marlo)
  • Page 50: Layers of Conviction (Michael Weber)
  • Page 53: The Tip-Over Change (Jack Merlin)
  • Page 54: Two Bluff Insertions
    • Page 54: The Tiltless Tilt
    • Page 56: Bluff Insertion from the Front (Irv Weiner)
  • Page 58: The Daley Leaper (Dr. Jacob Daley)
  • Page 60: Cover for the Ambitous Card Double Lift (Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue)
  • Page 61: The Impromptu Duplicate
  • Page 63: Four-Fifths of the Truth (Phil Goldstein)
  • Page 64: The Whole Truth (Michael Weber and Eric Maurin)
  • Page 65: The Kagemusha Principle
  • Page 65: Ambitious Movie (Roy Walton)
  • Page 67: The Finger-Clip Color Change (Edward Marlo)
  • Page 69: Rise, Rise, Rise (Edward Marlo)
  • Page 72: The Triple Whammo
  • Page 73: The Screened Leipzig Pass (Nate Leipzig and Ron Bauer)
  • Page 78: The Ultra Move (Arthur Buckley, T. Nelson Downs, Harry Lorayne)
  • Page 81: The One-Handed Side Steal (Irv Weiner)
  • Page 85: A One-Handed Sequence
  • Page 88: The Transfer of a Card (Nate Leipzig and John Brown Cook)
  • Page 90: The One-Card Double Lift (Irv Weiner)
  • Page 91: The Ambitious Double-Deal (Irv Weiner)
  • Page 94: The Umbiquitous Card
  • Page 98: Ambitious Gimmickry
  • Page 98: Fancy Dancer (Phil Goldstein)
  • Page 100: The Trick That Fooled Houdini (Dai Vernon)
  • Page 101: The Gaffless Houdini Fooler
  • Page 103: Nothing Changes (Rick Anderson)
  • Page 104: The Ambitious Twins (Frederick Braue and Jean Hugard)
  • Page 105: Double Quick (Dai Vernon)


  • Page 110: One for the Money (James Lewis)
  • Page 114: Under Foot (Jean Hugard)
  • Page 115: Ambitious One-Way
  • Page 117: The Ultimate Ambition

  • Page 123: An Index to the Ambitious Card in Print
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