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Genii 1938 March

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Genii 1938 March
DateMarch 1938
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  • Page 228: (Article) Our Cover - Barkann Rosinoff by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 229: (Editorial) Genii Speaks by William W. larsen, Sr.
  • Page 230: (Mentalism) Val Evans' Version of E.S.P. Cards by Val Evans
  • Page 230: (Article) Magic in Music by Haskell
  • Page 230: (Prop) Unique Vanisher by Frank Chapman
  • Page 231: (Miscellaneous Props) With a Candle by Eddie Clever
  • Page 232: (Mentalism) The Flashing Fetish by Frank Chapman
  • Page 232: (Miscellaneous Props) The Tying and Untying Silk by E.G. Ervin (Dr.)
  • Page 233: (Tips) This and That by Charles W. Fricke
  • Page 233: (Miscellaneous Props) Lu Brent's Floating and Vanishing Cane by Lu Brent
  • Page 234: (Cards) Ambitious Card Move by Fritz Braue
  • Page 235: (Cards) Adding the Pips by T. Page Wright & William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 235: (Cards) The Back of the Deck Detection by T. Page Wright & William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 236: (Article) Amateur Department by Arthur C. Spratt
  • Page 236: (Miscellaneous props) A Miniature Silk Production by Leonard Caust
  • Page 236: (Cards) Spirit Messsage and Card Prediction by Philip F. Smith
  • Page 237: (Cards) Vernon's Card in the Envelope by Vernon Cook
  • Page 238: Paging the Ladies
    • (Article) Diary of a Magician's Wife by Geraldine Conrad
  • Page 240: (Cards) Ellis Stanyon's Notable Explanations in Magic
    • The Leipzig Four Aces Trick by Nate Leipzig
    • The Leipzig Color Change by Nate Leipzig
    • New Precipitation by Ellis Stanyon
  • Page 241: (Article) The Visit of Charles Larson by Willam W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 242: (Article) The Great Savoy - A Play Your Own Club Could Give by Frances Vandevier
  • Page 244: (Article) Chap's Corner by Frank Chapman
  • Page 244: (News) Scattered Shots by Len O. Gun
  • Page 245: (News) Bagdad by Harlan Tarbell
  • Page 246: (News) Magic of the East by Max Holden
  • Page 246: (Patter) Max & Skully - Ventriloquism by Max Terhune
  • Page 247: (Article) Thoughts are Things - What It Takes To Be a Modern Magician by Dariel Fitzkee
  • Page 248: (News) From Behind the 8 Ball by Tee Hee
  • Page 248: (News) Thru the Monocle by Edward Saint (Dr.)
  • Page 249: (Article) Woofle-Dust by Bill Taylor
  • Page 250: (News) Kanter's Komments by Mitchell Kanter
  • Page 250: (News) Ribbins by C.T.
  • Page 250: (Obituaries) Frederick Eugene Powell by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 251: (News) Convention News by Various
  • Page 252: (News) Club Reports by Various
  • Page 256: (Review) Light from the Lamp by Lloyd E. Jones
    • Mahendra's Needle Routine
    • The Calendar on your Fingers by Wallace Lee
    • Phone Book Telepathy by Leon Maguire
  • Page 256: (Trick Review) Magic First Class by William W. Larsen, Sr.
    • Cecil Lyle Hat (L.L. Ireland)
    • Bill Tube (Kanter's Magic Shop)
    • Miniature Live Rabbit (Kanter's Magic Shop)
    • Petrie-Lewis Card Box
  • Page 257: (Article) Hats Off to Sid Lorraine by William W. Larsen, Sr.