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Genii 1942 March

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Genii 1942 March
DateMarch 1942
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  • Our Cover - Harry Rouclere (Article) by William W. Larsen, Sr. 249
  • Genii Speaks (Editorial) by William W. Larsen, Sr. 250
  • The Canfield Set-Up (Cards) by Gerald L. Kaufman 251
  • Die Box Variation (Miscellaneous Props) by Bill McCaffrey 252
  • 4 Card Production Routine (Cards) by Sigurd Nathan 254
  • The Hexagonal Rabbit (Miscellaneous Props) by Herman L. Weber 255
  • Jim Sherman Reports from Florida (Article) by Jim Sherman 255
  • In Reply (Mentalism) by E. G. Ervin (Dr.) 256
  • I'll Do it Again (Cards) by Helynn Boyar 257
  • Genii Juniors (Article) by Bill Larsen, Jr. 257
  • Paging the Ladies (Article) by Geraldine Conrad Larsen 257
  • A Feew Magical "IFS" (Miscellaneous Props) by Melbourne Christopher 258
  • Tapes Cut And Vulcanized (Miscellaneous Props) by Stewart Grant 258
  • Elmer Ransom : A Lifetime in Magic (Obituaries) by Anonymous 259
  • M-U-M Assembly Meeting Reports (Article) by Leslie P. Guest 262
  • The 11th Annual Columbus Magi-Fest (Article) by Evan Lloyd 266
  • On the Land - On the Sea - In the Air Magicians in the Service (Article) by T.J. Roberts ( 1st Lt) 267
  • Chicago Notes (Article) by George Troseth 268
  • Spokane News (News) by E.V. Klein 268
  • What Shall it Profit a Man? (Article) by William W. Larsen, Sr. 269
  • Chap's Corner (Article) by Frank Chapman 269
  • Connecticut Conjuring (Article) by Vynn Boyar 270
  • Magiministers (Article) by Gordon W. Mattice (Rev.) 270
  • Odd Magical Facts (Miscellaneous Props) by Frank Fewins 271
  • St. Louis Briefs (News) by Paul S. Limericks 271
  • Portland Prestidigitation (Article) by Hugh Riley 272
  • Kanter's Komments (Article) by Mitchell Kanter 272
  • Los Angeles Society of Magicians (Article) by Dave Swift 273
  • Magic of the East (Article) by Max Holden 273
  • Detroit News (News) by Bill Heisell 273
  • Los Magicos- Legerdemain (Article) by Rudy Miller 274
  • From Wisconsin (Article) by Walter the Magician 274