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Genii 1980 May

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Genii 1980 May
DateMay 1980
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  • Page 314: THE HAT BOX ILLUSION 1st of a series by Paul Osborne and Associates
  • Page 316: APPLE CORE — BILL MORE! By Chris Frings
  • Page 316: TWO MORE OKITO MOVES By Kevin Bell
  • Page 317: SLIDING LOAD CABINET By Peter D. Blanchard
  • Page 318: DOUBLE FACED DUO By Glenn Gravatt
  • Page 318: TRICKY TREATS By Mickey O'Malley
  • Page 319: WANDerment By Petrick
  • Page 323: A FLIP TRICK By Flip
  • Page 323: NO TO GET READY By Pete Biro


  • Page 313: THE VERNON TOUCH By Dai Vernon
  • Page 321: THE MAGICAL DOUG HENNING A Brief Biography
  • Page 323: THE REEL WORKS By Pete Biro
  • Page 327: DOUG HENNING'S WORLD OF MAGIC At the Pantages Theater
  • Page 328: The Fourth Special
  • Page 330: The Fifth Special
  • Page 338: I DIDN'T HAVE THE VEGAS NOTION By Joseph Aluminum Kane
  • Page 340: SO YOU WANT TO BE A MAGICIAN'S ASSISTANT Chapter 6 — Other Tales to Tell and Conclusion. By Jan Jones


  • Page 312: GENII SPEAKS By Bill Larsen
  • Page 332: BAGDAD Compiled by Bill Larsen
  • Page 334: 25 YEARS AGO IN GENII By Gerrie Larsen Jaffe
  • Page 336: KNIGHTS AT THE MAGIC CASTLE By Peter Pit
  • Page 337: LIGHT FROM THE LAMP By Lloyd Jones
  • Page 342: TRICKS OF THE TRADE By Ed Mishell
    • How To Make your Own Trick Handcuffs and Use Them by Anonymous
    • Modern Card Effects and How To Perform Them (reprint) by George de Lawrence & James C. Thompson
    • The Immaculate Card Magic of Walter Lees by Walt Lees


  • Page 335: PHOTOS 1st Annual Abbott Close-up Convention
  • Page 335: LETTERS by Sylvia Peosch