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Genii 1987 December

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Genii 1987 December
DateDecember 1987
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  • Page 370: (Editorial) Genii Speaks by Billy Larsen, Jr.
  • Page 371: (Article) The Vernon Touch by Dai Vernon
  • Page 372: (Article) Rudy Coby by Franz Harary
  • Page 372: (Article) Rudy Coby - An Up and Coming Young Geek by Ian Baxter
  • Page 373: (Article) Rudy Coby - Magical Masochist by Jay Sankey
  • Page 374: (Article) Rudy Coby - An Interview by Max Maven
  • Page 376: (Article) The New Wave of Magic by Rudy Coby
  • Page 377: (Card) New Age Rising Card by Jeff McBride
  • Page 378: (Card) New Wave Torn and Restored Card by Rudy Coby
  • Page 381: (Bizarre Magic) Two Acts of Self-Mutilation by Jay Sankey
    • Twinkle Toes
    • Eye-Popper
  • Page 383: (Coton tige) Q-Tip Trick by Joe Given
  • Page 383: (Coin) Super Sawa by Steve Cohen
  • Page 384: (Phalange) Optical Illusion by Michael Baker
  • Page 386: (Card) The Greatest Feet in Magic by Jonathan Pendragon
  • Page 387: (Flower) The Burning Rose by Kevin James
  • Page 389: (Card) Ohajiki Card Happening Mahka Tendo
  • Page 390: (Bill) Tokyo Penetration by Hiroyuki Sakai
  • Page 391: (Finger Ring) Suspended ! by Tomo Maeda
  • Page 393: (Article) The Tour Concludes by Rudy Coby
  • Page 394: (Illusion) Osborne Illusions - Just Passing Through Paul Osborne
  • Page 396: (Article) The Reel Works by Pete Biro
  • Page 397: (Article) Absolutely Ogden - Finding Mom by Robert Baxt
  • Page 398: Conjuring Omnibus by Richard Kaufman
    • (Card) About Face
    • (Article)
    • (Finger Ring) French Ring Flight
    • (Marketed trick) Tsunami by Robert Farmer
  • Page 402: (Article) Magic Week in Melbourne 1987 by Tom Ogden
  • Page 403: (Article) Magi-Clips - Melinda and Her 88 Folies Revue a Hit at the Landmark by Will
  • Page 404: (Article) 25 Years Ago in Genii by Geraldine Larsen (Jaffe)
  • Page 404: (News) Cruise News by Peter Gensemer
  • Page 405: (Article) Tripp's Tips by Mark Tripp
  • Page 406: (Review) Magic on Tape by Brian R. Flora
  • Page 408: (News) Bagdad by Billy Larsen, Jr.
  • Page 409: (Poem) Real Magic by Heidi L. Larsen
  • Page 412: (Review) Light from the Lamp by Max Abrams, Billy McComb, Bill Po
  • Page 416: Obituary by Billy Larsen, Jr.
  • Page 417: (Article) T. Nelson Down Remembered by Ken Marlin
  • Page 417: (Mail) Letters by Carroll Mounier, Charles E. Penton, Martin Kaplan